About She Said, He Said

“She” is Erica Russikoff and “he” is Matt Russikoff, a wife and husband who have spent the last fifteen years reading books together. Erica is a freelance editor of indie books as well as a full-time editor for an educational publisher. She loves grammar, although you wouldn’t know it from her early-morning text messages. Matt is a manager of retirement plan services for a mutual fund company. He prides himself on being grammatically incorrect (cheekily) and only takes some things seriously, including March Madness and the San Francisco Giants’ winning streak. Together they take care of a spoiled dachshund-beagle mix named Ollie Mei.

A wise person once said that marriage is about compromise, so Erica and Matt think it’s only fair that they trade off when reading and reviewing books; both Erica’s and Matt’s books will be reviewed. Erica’s will primarily be contemporary fiction, romance, and psychological thrillers. Matt’s tastes are pretty diverse, so you’ll see historical fiction, young adult, mystery, and fantasy picks from him. There will be three parts to each review. When Erica chooses the book, she’ll give her comments, then Matt will give his, and then Erica will get to respond to Matt’s comments. When Matt chooses the book, he’ll give his comments, then Erica will give hers, and then Matt will get to respond to Erica’s comments. The goal is to review one book every four to six weeks.

Neither Erica nor Matt guarantees their reviews will be of any help. (Just keepin’ it real!) They’re doing this in order to spend more quality time together. That being said, they do promise to never give away anything spoilerish—plot twists and endings included. If you think something may be spoilerish, message them right away.

Have any comments for Erica and/or Matt, or just want to say hi? Email them at shesaidhesaidbookreviews@gmail.com.

Want to know more about how to get your work edited by Erica? Visit www.ericaedits.com.

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